Surgical Mesh

TiO2Mesh™ is a surgical mesh implant specially indicated for repair of soft tissue defects of the abdominal wall and breast reconstruction, where a non-absorbable support material is required.

TiO2Mesh™ implants feature a pure titanium dioxide surface coating to provide excellent biocompatibility. Together with the lightweight character, the large-pored structure and the reduced material surface, TiO2Mesh™ provides improved fibroblastic ingrowth and reduced shrinkage.

Key Features of TiO2Mesh™ include:

  • Excellent biocompatibility due to high-purity titanium dioxide surface
  • Lightweight mesh structure with only 45 g/m² and a pore size of 3.0mm x 2.8mm
  • Laser cut edges to avoid micro-trauma
  • Biodynamic stress-strain behaviour with a tensile strength of 55 N/cm
  • Self-adhesive effect and optimized handling thanks to a hydrophilic surface coating
  • Blue orientation stripes for improved intra-operative handling

TiO2Mesh™ can be used for all common open and laparoscopic techniques of inguinal or incisional hernia repair as well as breast reconstruction.

  • Lichtenstein technique
  • Transabdominal preperitoneal herniaplastic (TAPP) or
  • Total extraperitoneal herniaplastic (TEP) or
  • Al procedures of ventral hernia treatment